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young mothers
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young mothers mentor program

Sister Theresa began the young mothers mentor program in 2005 for young women and teenagers who are pregnant or have already become mothers. 

Group support encourages the mothers to keep their children and provide them with a nurturing environment. We provide information on sources for assistance and guidance on managing the new responsibility of having a young child.

"The difficult life circumstances of most teenage mothers and their children have intensified interest in finding ways to support young mothers in their efforts to become self-sufficient, delay subsequent childbearing, and promote awareness of child development early in their children's lives in order to break the cycle of poverty and reliance on welfare....Many teenage mothers have a difficult time juggling the dual roles of parent and teen. These responsibilities are often undertaken in the context of stressful environments, many of which are characterized by poverty, poor housing, domestic violence, abuse, and unsafe neighborhoods."
-U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

We believe that with support, young mothers can become successful parents and provide good homes for their children. Our mentor program meets once a week to help young mothers meet the challenges of raising a child in our community.

We have many opportunities for volunteers. For more information, please contact us at 203-334-7000.


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