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Wow our day Care Center has had several miracles happen recently.

Dolls, dolls, dolls!
The children had some seniors called doll crafters come to our center. They
made the girls happy with the knitted dolls they received. The boys received
knitted balls.

We also had a lot of cases of apple sauce donated to our center. The children
also received a case of GoldFish Crackers. We also had tons of art supplies
come in from the Nature center of New Canan.
Also a prayer group from St.Patrick's church has gotten very involved with
the preschoolers that are needy. They have knitted blankets for the children when they take naps.
A couple of twin girls from St. Thomas Aquinas School in Fairfield, recently had their birthday and instead of receiving gifts for themselves, they had their friends bring gifts for our preschool, like books, dolls, games, arts and crafts , cd's, and things for our dramatic play area. Our preschoolers were overjoyed.

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