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God Rocks! Youth Group news

Our youth group recently had a few miracles happen.

Several weeks ago our youths as they came to the center expressed that they had to walk because they got their bicycle stolen. I told them let's settle down and say a prayer for those who stole your bicycles. I said that they needed them more than you and they answered we needed them too - this our means to get to your program. I said if God wants you to have a new bicycle He will provide. During the course of the wwek of October 7th, the miracle happened.

Mr. Paul Kallmeyer, a police officer approached me with the gift of twelve rebuilt bicycles. On Sunday October 7th when I went to the Youth Center and told them I have surprise for them, their faces lit up. After a two hour session, I brought them up to my place and when they received their bikes their faces lit up once more.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell, WOW! we thank you for your monthly support. We thank all of the people, who have donated games and arts and crafts to keep them busy. We have made a brand new friendship with Civitan Club.

It is strange but very true that giving just enriches you, if you plant a friendship seed, if you share a laugh or song, if your giving rights a wrong, then the joy you have will make more goodness everywhere, it is strange but very true that giving just enriches you.

God Bless you!

Sister Theresa Tremblay

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We have many opportunities for volunteers. For more information, please contact us at 203-334-7000 from 7 AM to 4 PM.


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